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Monday, November 21, 2011

Selena Gomez- When the sun goes Down

Released: June 28,2011 I had heard all of her songs and the BOLD one is the one that I suggested for you to hear; No. Title 
1. "Love You Like a Love Song" 2. "Bang Bang Bang" 3. "Who Says" 4. "We Own the Night" (featuring Pixie Lott) 5. "Hit the Lights" 6. "Whiplash" 7. "When the Sun Goes Down" 8. "My Dilemma" 9. "That's More Like It" 10. "Outlaw" 11. "Middle of Nowhere" 12. "Dices" (Spanish version of "Who Says")
 *Mimi says: Not bad, still cannot be compared with DEMI LOVATO.