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Sunday, June 5, 2011

What To Do When You Got Nothing To Do?? - The Way Mimi sees it!

Okay, let me be honest with you. I been searching randomly in the internet like a hundred of times and all those searching/googling come out with the same conclusion:- FAILURE!!. All the ideas on "What to do when you are bored" suggested are mostly unacceptable and crazy! Nothing make any sense. I felt cheated and fooled by some moron who clearly didn't know what are they writing and instead of giving the REAL SUGGESTION, they come up with those crappy suggestion that is clearly waste up everyone else time. And for that reason, I come out with my own suggestion; This is how you should be spending your spare time besides being lonely and miserable! Sit back and relax as this suggestion nearly bores you and you probably find some benefits from it!

Let's kick some loneliness BUTT!!!

1.)Taking a morning walks/ Jogging
I'll be suggesting morning walks as this is what I did most of the mornings that I had. Taking a morning walks is fun and relaxing; something that you felt better than having a heavy exercise/building new muscle non-stop. Not like I'm saying it like its a bad thing. No no. Just go with it if you been practicing for years now! I'm talking about this if you are some newbies who wanted to convert yourself in becoming more aware about your health. Taking a simple step a day wouldn't kills; it probably helps saving your life! I'm no health expert but I can tell, if you take that 20-30 minutes a day; morning walking, you can tell the difference by feeling more healthy and energetic to kick start you day.

2.)Doing Chores
Been there, done that haven't we all? Doing chores is one of the simplest thing that you can do if most of your days are been spent at home. Laundries, washing the dishes: I'm not talking about washing it by a dishwasher but by your bare hands!, folding cloths, etc etc... Of course you felt tired afterwards; not to mention the soreness and back cramp. But despite all this you will feel better as you were now sitting on a beautifully scented living room and seeing an empty sink. It helps to ease your stress a bit isn't?

3.) Watching new Movies per week
There always something new to watch every week. Or at least twice a week. Go out there, hang out with your friends and go watch the latest movie. I must say that I had a miserable week last week and once I went with my bro watching movies, those miserable feeling eventually disappeared. It's like I never had them at all!Make sure the movie that you guys picked up it'd truly worth watching. Or else it would put more misery on your miserable week. Trust me.

4.) Trying out New Things
I'm just saying this because I had tried it. I never went bowling before, like ever so I went down to the bowling center with few of my closed relatives and try to have some fun. I told them that I never played before and they are cool with it. There always a first time for anything, right? So, I just give it a shot and I never taught that I could be so fun! Now, I can't wait to went bowling again and hopefully to make my first strike: I once dropped all the pins but there 2 more left so it can't be counted as a strike.
All I'm trying to say is, never AFRAID to try out new things. You might going to like it!

5.) Wikipeding; That's how I called it!
Wikipeding is a term, not an official one but a term that I put on whenever I open a wikipedia website and reading anything that come out from it. Although most materials written in here is basically written by some random people but I'm pretty sure most of it are not just some random information. Some of it are actually come from a real events that takes place in life. As for me, I don't care either it is true or not as long as it keeps me occupied and entertains me, nothing else mattered.