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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mimi talks about: The Princess by Jude Deveraux

                                                     Last year had been one of the best year of my life!


I always been a bookworm since I was a child and seems like the habits didn't go away even after I grown up. Luckily me, I get accepted to JMC and my life started to change 4 months after that. I was introduced to book; ONCE MORE! The library had a full racks filled with paperback novels and my hands are just itching to touch and feels them; more importantly to read them. It's been a while since I read anything so I took out these opportunity to grab a book and started to read. I usually went to the synopsis first if I want to pick the right material for me to read and Jude Deveraux novels seems to fit the bills perfectly.

There is something about her novel, I realized. Not just the cover but with the contents itself. Almost every word written in the novel reflects the emotions of the character specifically and with all the conflicts going on; you can't just stop turning those pages. I used a lot of imagination; of course since novels didn't have any pic in it except for the book cover and a lot of dictionaries ( only for strange words) cause let face the truth, I don't know every and single word in English.

Now, The Princess wasn't the 1'st novel of hers that I had read( in case you're wondering why I put this book at my high list) but the 1'st novels of hers that I truly enjoyed to read. In fact; till this day it;s my fav novels ever. This novels circulate a story about a woman who appear to be a princess of some small European kingdom. I didn't recall her full name but she been call as Princess Aria for the rest of the story. The story get heaten up when she was found by Lieutenant Jarl.T Montgomery (OK you might as well know, Miss Jude love using Montgomery's as a surnames for most of her books so don't worry if you found lots and lots of this surname as it all led to the Montgomery family lines at the end of the day) washed up to the shore. Long story short, he found her, save her and protect her from any danger possible as there might be an people/insider who wants the princess dead; only at this point they didn't know whom yet.

To add more spices, P.Aria are forced to marry the handsome Lieutenant Montgomery in order to keep her save ( I mean the man is Lieutenant himself isn't he? For sure he can protect the princess) and P.Aria had to disguise herself as a typical American housewife for this purpose. Now this is where the interesting part begins. She didn't even know how to act as a normal housewives! She's a princess after all and she found that even the simplest things such as taking off the cloths, combing her own hairs and showering a pretty difficult task for her to handle.Luckily our handsome Lieutenant here is ready at her service, although they didn't get along that well at start. He helps her to deal with a lot of things and from this lot of things; it eventually led to a blossom romance between them. How romantic is that!

When it times to leave U.S and went back to her kingdom ,P.Aria is a bit reluctance to go but after her big fight with L.Montgomery she decided to leave. L.Montgomery still watches over her and her people as he think that the person who wants Aria dead earlier still haven't change their minds.

The story reached its climax when the princess is captured by the person who wants her dead; who also happen to be her close relatives. Her cousin wanted to inherited the throne for himself and since P.Aria is the sole heir for it, he had no other options besides to kill her. L.Montgomery comes just in time to save the princess and the traitor was captured. As a princess, it is impossible for P.Aria to become king and she had to have a husband to fill that requirement for her (you can't rule a kingdom without a king, right?) so she asked the husband to become the king.However, he declines.

L.Montgomery said that he didn't want to be the king picked by his wife unless the people in the kingdom itself are calling out for him. To his shock, they did. The people in the kingdom welcomed L.Montgomery as their new king as they can see that he has what it takes to become a good king. And as for P.Aria she is reunited with her husband once more and they are terribly been blessed with six children and lives happily till the rest of their life ( you can only find this ending if you been reading J.D novels and by that I mean a lot as I can't recall the name of the book that I read that told me about this ending but I knew they were there).

Till then.... Bye bye...

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