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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Heart Country Songs (Well, some of them) - Introducing 'The Band Perry'

It has been so long since I'm just a little girl who fancies anything that everyone else were fancying. Like, I still remember that day when one of my friend start to introduce me with the singer, Avril Lavinge and despite not fully, liking the song - I think the song (My Happy Ending) was the greatest song I ever heard, but now: I think that I'm not just that kind of girl anymore. I had been through a transformation from a girl who love just anything, to very selective what I wanted to love and here's how the transformation goes from Siti Nurhaliza -> Gareth Gates > Norah Jones -> David Archuleta -> Taylor Swift and the latest, The Band Perry.

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Lately, I been listening to the country songs and Igotta say; I quite like it. The lyrics is catchy and the music is loud enough to make you wanna dance. Not to mention, sometimes the singer can be quite good-looking too. One of my first favorite country singer that I been introduce to is Taylor Swift. Oh yeah. Not only is she pretty like a runaway model, she can wrote pretty dayyam fine music. I haven't experience any other musician who can tell their stories through their lyrics the way that she does.

In case you haven't got a clue who Taylor Swift is... here she is on a vine's swing.
Pretty, right?
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FYI, Taylor had been on my list (favorite musician) for a while now. So, this time I want to introduce to you a new country singer (or band) that I been digging lately. The Band Perry! For those who don't know, this band is quite unique because for the first time; this band features all blood-related siblings in its group. Kimberly Perry and her little brothers are the one singing and playing music together and it is their song, "If I Die Young" that truly opened up my eyes that sometimes brothers and sister could work to create something together asides fighting (LOL). Together they created a magic on the stage and there's nothing I like best than the true bond between siblings.

Thank you for reading this entry. See you soon!

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