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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feeling Down With Love - My Romance Book Short Story

At my age, I gotta admit - I want so much things in life. You know, things like money, home, financial security, romance, cute bf and all those stuff a girl should have. But as much as I like to dream, real life is much harder. For instance, I just started studying and it's still a long way for me to go to have my degree and find a job. 

This might sounds lame: but the only place where I can find several of dreams come true is through reading. My complete lack of relationship with men make me desire something else and the only safest way (without getting my heart break) is through fictional book, one in particular is romance. Whenever I pick romance novel; that's when everything started. I like it when that main male character ask the girl of his dreams hand for marriage and when they kiss, is like all those unrequited dreams of mine are automatically restored. Every love fantasy and dream are being fulfilled in here and my feeling is.... indescribable. I felt like for each moment and money spend is absolutely worth it. Just imagine if any of those incidents mentioned in those novel comes alive, there must be full of love in the air... And I know the world would be a better place for someone...which namely ME.

I think I might pick up new romance book soon to read... 

Thank you for reading this entry. Goodbye for now.

An example of my favorite selection for romance book.
Ms. Jude Deveraux is one of my favorite writer of all times.


  1. Hadapi lah kenyataan, tak semua kita boleh dapat dalam dunia ni.. Tapi bersyukur dan hargailah apa yang kita ada kerana apa yang kita ada ni, tak semua orang dapat..

  2. yeah, i guess u right...
    but, as a human being we can't help ourselves from keep wanting more and more... It's a human nature...

  3. yup u rite too ;-) maybe we must work harder n lot prayer to archieve?? insyaAllah :-)

  4. thanks for the advice. really appreciated it! :)