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Friday, May 7, 2010

Photographing is my THING!!

Hello there :) Mimi's here.

There's one thing that I like other than anime/manga/music and that is: photographing! Honestly, I couldn't imagine doing other activity that I never grew tired off such as this one. I swear guys, this is one thing that I don't mind doing for hours and hours.... I dunno what it is, maybe its my own vanity or the realization that we're going to grow old someday that make me want to take as much photographs as I can so I would never forget the feeling of being young.

Come to think about it, my interest in photographing started around 5 years ago when I first received a camera from my dad on 13th my birthday. It wasn't that expensive (around RM89.90) as it was a only a disposable camera but I remember how happy it made me. It was the first expensive gift that I remember asking from my parents (or in this case, my dad). I was pretty obsessed taking picture of myself, cats, etc... etc. Whatever I caught my eyes on, you know? Good times, good times... I still had that camera till this day but rarely use it (I only use digital camera nowadays).

Fast forward to five years later, I still take pictures and now with over 1000 pictures inside my flash drive (most of it self-portrait); I think I can held a full exhibition of my FACE! (where no one would ever wanna go and see them, lolz). Anyway, so the pictures keeps piling up and honestly, I don't know quite what to do with them. Any idea's? Suggestion? I hope someone could tell me what to do... I mean the picture's are piling up... Better be a good way to take care of it in the future...

Thanks for reading this entry. Goodbye now.

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