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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My Anime Crossed-off List for the Half 2017 & Review - Part 3

Hello there. How you all doin? Mimi's here.

So, another year, another list...  If you think that I'm gonna let 2017 goes by without watching even a single series of anime... then you probably don't know me at all. Last year I manage to create two list (part 1 and part 2 where I had explain about 20 anime series that I had watched) and well.... that was fun. I never had that much of fun while explaining about anime before and so, as a part of unwanted tradition - this year I had come back again to explain another set of anime series I had watched. Now, I'm not gonna bother myself with writing a whole bunch of introduction so Imma just jump straight to it. Let's hope that it will be as fun as last year, yeah?

Side note: Unlike the predecessor post, this time my list is a little bit tamed and generally positive in nature. Therefore, feel free to scroll down without hesitation to see what I have to say for each and one of these anime.

Are you ready? Here it goes...

1.) Tenshi no Konamaiki / A Cheeky Angel  (Re-watching)
picture credit: Google image
Year Released: 2002-2003
Date Watched: 2014 (original); June 2017 (re-watched)

Reason Why I Watched This:
Just revisiting one of my favorite anime series of all time. I also had made a post about this anime series on my blog before in case you are interested to check it out. 

Memorable character: Megumi Amatsuka and Genzo Soga

My Review:

A Cheeky Angel is an anime with quite long episodes (about 50), but since it's a good anime series and I had a bad urge to watch it; I can't help myself from completing the marathon in just five days!! I had actually watched this anime around three years ago and even made quite extensive review about it. I guess that ought to teach you something about what this anime meant to me, and how my past (review) doesn't lie. Anyway, as far as my (updated) review go, I don't think I have anything much to add except I might come back in the next to three years to re-watch this anime again (yep, I'm a big fan).

Rating: 4.1 /5.0 (it was fun to be watching Megumi's Protection Club gang again!)

2.) Natsume Yuujinchou Go / Natsume's Book of Friends (Continuing new series)
picture credit: Google image
Year Released: 2008-present
Date Watched: May 2017  

Reason Why I Watched This:

A friend from my previous university suggested this series to me (I think it's around five years ago) and I had been hooked ever since. I still reminded of her every time I saw this series.

Memorable character: Takashi Natsume and Nyanko-sensei

My Review:
Since its initial release in 2008, this anime series had collected over six seasons (including 2017 which I still haven't get chance to watch) and by looking at the growth of the manga; I have no doubts if new anime is currently in a progress. Natsume Yuujinchou sets a story about an orphan boy by the name of Takashi Natsume, a sixteen-year-old boy whom possess a power to be able seeing youkai (sprits). It's a special ability that he inherited from his maternal grandmother, Reiko-san. After his parents death, Natsume have to be thrown a lot from one relatives to another until he finally found solace in the arms of very nice middle-age couple, Fujiwara's family (who come from his paternal side). Learning from his past mistake, Natsume tries to keep his secret from his new family but the knowledge about his grandmother 'Book of Friends' which contains a lot of Youkai's name in it and appearance of Madara/Nyanko-sensei, soon began to interfere his new life. However, things wasn't so bad as he had think and soon, Natsume begin warming up to the Fujiwara's and making friends with kids in his new school.

So, what so good about this anime you ask?

Well, to me, Natsume Yuujinchou is an anime that send a good vibes to whomever watching it. You'll see how bad things for Natsume to be able seeing spirit, how he grows up as a lonely child without parents love or close friends. So, imagine my delight when a childless couple wanted to take him in and love him as their own (T.T). My heart isn't made of stone, alright? Natsume tragic childhood makes me cry a river and making it difficult to forget about this series as the years goes on. As quoted from the creator/mangaka herself, Yui Midorikawa; Natsume is a boy who is trying to be a kind person' and throughout the anime/manga, it's difficult not to see how Natsume is becoming a character that the mangaka envision him to be.

Rating: 4.56 / 5.0 (Because Natsume really is, a special person to me).

3.) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (New)

Year Released: 2008-present
Date Watched: June - July 2017

Reason Why I Watched This:

I read the manga by accident (it was volume 7, I think) while I was growing up and it had landed on my watch list ever since. For years, I had completely left the anime adaptation into the oblivion reasonably based on two unreasonable fears: it wouldn't be that good and it would be a waste of time. Luckily, as years passed by, another animation studio had taken a great interest on this series and now fans are given a choice to watch from two different anime adaptation - the 2003 (original) or 2009 (Brotherhood) version. After some meticulous research and consideration, I finally decided to watch 2009 one since they (fans from anime community) said that it's much more loyal to the manga adaptation compared to the 2003 version. A decision well-made I have to say after finished watching the entire (64 episodes) in less than five days!

Memorable character: The Elric Brothers, Roy Mustang and Izumi Curtis

My Review:

I gotta give credits when it's due, especially towards my friend who introduced this series to me. I remembered the year was 2006, and back then I just started dabbling myself into the world of Japanese manga and animation. Back then, Naruto and Detective Conan were the only two things I knew and imagine my surprise when I realized that there's a whole lot more world (in anime/manga retrospective) to be discovered. So thanks to her, I'm well-aware of this anime existence, but then also come along Bleach, Ouran Highschool, and all other anime's that totally forced Fullmetal Alchemist to take a backseat for almost eleven-long years. Finally, I get around this anime this year and boy, wasn't I'm glad...

I don't really know how much loyal this series is compared to the manga, but so far I'm enjoying the direction of story and how well-drawn the animation is. There's a lot of things seems to be going on in the anime which involves fighting, rediscovering, and etc... but I won't bore you with details as I don't want to spoil this series (at all) cause it really that good. I guess after all had been said and done, the only thoughts that fly over my head is that the crazy amount of time and effort had been putted into creating this series. I know it wasn't easy task, so the only appropriate appreciation that I can give is kudo's to them (both mangaka & creators) and thank you for giving me and fans alike something as exciting as Elric's brothers to watch.

Rating: 4.45 / 5.0 ( It was REALLY good. Pity I didn't take on this series sooner). :)

4.) Sumomomo Momomo (Re-watching)
picture credit: Google image
Year Released: 2006-2007
Date Watched: 2008 (original); July 2017 (re-watched)

Reason Why I Watched This:

I was all in for watching old anime this year (meaning any sort of anime that I haven't watch in the last ten years or so) so it's quite natural for this anime to fall into my re-watch list. Come to think of it, this it one of a few lucky anime series that I brought in DVD's and still pretty much in love after all these years... I still remember the day when I decide to buy those two-full DVD's seasons (12 episodes per box) and finish watching it in 3 days. Great times, great times....

Memorable character: Kuzuryu Momoko and Inuzuka Koshi 

My Review:

It's still come a surprise to me that after all of these years, this anime still manage to hold top 5 spot in my heart. Checking on MyAnimeList (MAL) right now, I must have watched about 150 anime's on my list, so to have this anim holding a spot in my Top 5 anime seems a little bit... unfair. Anyway, what can I say?; I guess the heart still wants what it want.

So, Sumomo momomo tells the story about a weak seventeen year old boy, Inuzuka Koshi and the sudden arrival of his unexpected bride, Kuzuryu Momoko. Momoko, a crazy martial arts devotee, dropped by at Inuzuka doorstep with two missions inside her head; to marry the guy and then start having babies with him. Crazy right? I know. Apparently, their fathers Sendayu and Unken are both well-known and established martial arts practitioner and bff. It's due to Momoko's inability to fully master her clan hidden techniques is what drove her to this drastic decision in order to the produce greatest offspring in the earth (ok, she do it bcoz of the fam, but still CRAAAZY).

Anyway, long story short; with their father's blessings, Momoko's determination, and Koshi retaliation - a lot of things starts to occurs which usually resulted into comical events and Momoko's ruined romantic/seduction plans. It's quite hard to pinned down each and every comical events that's happening in this series because there's a lot, but one of my personal favorite is whenever Momoko's advance is rejected by Koshi, she always retaliate with other way which is far worse than her last! It's like this girl have zero shame and couldn't take the hint that the dude is just not into her. It's ridiculous the amount of rejection and humiliation that this peachy-girl could take, but that's one of the special charm of this anime and making it special in my heart. I highly recommended it!!!

Rating: 4.60 / 5.0 ( After all of those years, this series only gets better).

5.) Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan (S01 & S02) (Continuing new series)
picture credit: Google image
Year Released: 2013-present
Date Watched: Mac 2014 (S01); Jun 2017 (S02)

Reason Why I Watched This:

I watch the first season of Attack on Titan on my final year as undergraduate (it was about 3 years ago) and been keeping an eye on the new season (whenever that may come). They finally releases the second second last April and even though I didn't jump that train much sooner - I did finished the series by the end of June 2017. 

Memorable character: Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermanand Levi Ackerman 

My Review:

Screaming... Yes, I remember it distinctly now. There's a lot of screaming involved, especially when I was watching the first season. I know, I sounded dumb to be screaming at an anime but, can you blame me? I was merely following the trend and hype without any knowledge of what I'm getting myself into. Sure, I had some idea about what this series is going to be and when I heard about the Titan - I thought to myself; "How bad can it be?". Well, newsflash - it's really, really bad. I think Imma puke just by thinking about it. Not only that the titans are BIG, they are also disgusting, man... Some anime fans might like that, but the image of Titans putting people into their mouth and popping their heads of is not what I want to remember for the rest of my life.

Okay, I know what you thinking... I'm really asking for it to be watching this series since its already been said in the title [which isn't a right translation btw, as the direct translation is actually 'The Attacking Titan' (source: Joey, TheAnimeMan; 2016)], but it's still brutal, man. The attack and killing, losing limbs, bloods splattered everywhere and those damn fugly Titans... It feel like what nightmares are made off... I remembered they made me scream so much that at one point, my dormitory neighbors had to check on me (I was living in alone back then) to see if I'm alright and haven't lost my marble yet. So, I told her I was watching this crazy anime about Titan's eating people, in which the reaction is just beyond disbelieve and well - she doesn't check upon me again after that. XD

Anyway, fast forward to 2017 - my interest on this anime is still going strong. I finished watching the 12 episodes in less than a week so there you go as a prove.

Rating: 4.20 / 5.0 ( I personally like the first season, but the second one is quite okay too).

6.) Masamune-kun no Revenge (New Series)
picture credit: Google image 
Year Released: Jan 2017
Date Watched: June 2017 - present

Reason Why I Watched This:

Okay, I have a little confession to make... I have a reason for re-watching at least two series on this list. Truth is, it wasn't because I really in the mood to revisit or trying to celebrate my 10th year anniversary with the series. Not really. Truth is.... I was actually too freakin' LAZY to find a new anime series. There, I said it, and here's another reason 'why'. I had abandoned at least two anime seasons (Fall 2016/Winter 2017) due to boring new anime adaptation and clash of interest (I was into other stuff, doing thesis, etc). Anyway, since I had missed out on so much; I finally opened my heart again for Spring 2017 & Summer 2017 list and guess what I found.... This anime above.

Memorable character: Masamune Makabe

My Review:

So, I did said earlier in my intro that I'm not gonna make this review like the previous two R-rated post I had produced, but boy.... This anime is really asking for it. Okay, I'll tried to put this nicely while still staying truthful. This anime... sucks. I know I should give a chance since I'm only half-way watching this series, but it does. It does sucks. Why you ask? Well, for one - the lead characters leave me feeling conflicted about watching the rest of the series. Didn't understand what I'm talking about? That's okay. Imma explain it to you....

For starter, I was first drawn to pick up the series because of this word - 'revenge'. Oh, how I love the possibility that can be offered alongside of that. It's what pinned my interest to this series at first and make it special in my eyes (or so I thought). This anime fall under romantic-comedy (rom-com) series. As you know, like any other rom-com out there; we usually have two main lead; a boy and a girl with a little/lot of comedic elements to it. But, this time it won't be just average kind of boy and girl... This series promised you a revenge by a former chubby-rich-boy, Masamune Makabe. He's the kind of lead who used to be fat and always get bullied by neighborhood kids. As for the girl, we got this rich-princess-type to deal with by the name of Aki Adagaki. Unlike our poor little male lead, she's beautiful, desirable and everybody wanted to hit on her like she's all that....

So what does these two kids have as a common factor you ask?

Well, both of their parents are rich, so that's one... Oh, and Masamune apparently  have a crush on Aki when he was little and go as far to confess to her. However, holding up to that bit*hy and stuck up princess title so dearly in her heart - she rejected him as potential boyfriend/first love and told him that he's not really her type. Ouch... Not just that, she even generously created a nickname for him; 'Piggy' because of his appearance (talk about being shallow)... Anyway, several years passed by and that little piggy who used to cry on his way home had turned to be - quite a hottie. See where I'm going with this? I bet you also think the same way as I do. Like this is where the 'revenge' thing starts to happen, right? Well, that's seems to be the plan when Masamune make his second entrance as this handsome boy who looks as fit as a fiddle before revealing his ultimate plan which to seduce and destroy Aki. Ten points for the thought, bro! I'm glad homie gonna show her who's the boss now... Oh gosh, I was really rooting for this guy to succeed. Like hell yeah!

But then, the unthinkable happened.... 

He slowly falling in love with her - Again!! 

Say what now BRO? You work so hard to get that hard rocking abs and beautiful body for years just to be sucked into this succubus grace? Again?? I mean come on Masamune.... Surely you can do better than that! Oh may... What a waste of good premise. Me, totally sad with this new development. After all that effort... why with the sudden soft heart bro? That part I just... AGHHHH!!! Just because you look drop-dead-gorgeous now doesn't means that she's gonna be nicer to you. 

In case you're curious, this is how Piggy boy Masamune body looks like now.
I know, awesome right?? His body is TOTALLY ripped. RIP baby fats.
picture credit: Google image
Man, I hope this guy could stick to the plan and then dumped her ass cause she totally deserves it. But hey, looks like the mangaka really3x wanted these two lovebirds (puke) to get together so there you go. Forget the past and forget revenge - let go to the fantasy land where everybody have a fairy tale ending cause that's more realistic than having the male character stick to his guns and crush this bish ego and burn it to the ground. 

So yeah, I'm done ranting *I mean reviewing* about this anime. In case you are waiting for my personal rating, here's one below....

Rating: 2.5/5.0 (Too bad, even Masamune shiny abs couldn't save this sinking ship.)

7.) Yamishibai series (S01,02,03,04) (Continuing new series)
picture credit: Youtube
Year Released: July 2013-present
Date Watched: Oct 2015-present

Reason Why I Watched This:

If you don't know me yet, Imma big fan of Japanese horror. Just check on my past post, you'll understand why.... 

Memorable character: None (Various Different Characters throughout the seasons)

My Review:

Like I said before, I'm always a huge fan of Japanese horror. Therefore, it hardly even a surprise when Yamishibai finally makes the cut into this list. I discovered this series back in 2014 and had been following the new releases closely ever since. So far, there's only five season being released (with the latest season still airing in Japan as this post is written) and as far as my reviewes goes for those past seasons; I think anyone who's involved in the project are killing it with their job and I can't stressed how much semi-heart attack this series was giving me at early seasons (S01-02) and making me on edge of my seat as I waited for something creepy starts to unfolds.

Anyway, since this series have over 50 episodes so far; I guess what would be a better thing to do besides selecting my favorite top 10 episodes and share it with you in here;

  1. "Zanbai"(S01E02) - an anagram from Japanese cheer word 'Banzai', this episode tells a story about a man who just recently released from a rural hospital after having an accident, and the fear of not able getting out from there alive. 
  2. "The Family Rule"(S01E03) - Young boy Toshiharu and his parents just moved back to his maternal grandparents house. While he's waiting outside, his grandfather starts to explains a family ritual calls 'Calm Trough Smiling' (where adults have to pretend of smiling and laughing all night long) to cast the boy great-great grandfather evil spirits that feeds on negative emotions away. The question is, can the boy held in his curiosity together, or will the evil spirits triumph?
  3. "Contradiction"(S01E07) - Yuuko received a two different calls from her close friends, Mayumi and Tooru where they both telling about the same life-threatening events but with slight contradiction to their stories.... Who will she believe
  4. "Cursed"(S01E09) - A woman is desperate to find someone to remove a strange written curse which befell her daughter body. A visit to a priestess in a Shinto shrine seems to be given the two hope from being consumed by their ancestor family curse, but is everything truly over??     
  5. "Video"(S01E11) - While trying to finished their homework, three middle school friends decides to take a break by watching a recorded videotape. Things gets a little bit dicey when the video starts showing them scene they didn't remember shooting. As they begin to look further... eerily figure begin to appear and staring directly at him. However, that wasn't the end of the story....
  6. "Tormentor"(S01E13) - Three friends decides to take a look at something they shouldn't. The results of that: highly uncomfortable.
  7. "Taro-chan"(S01E02) - A police officer who tries to give a presentation about road safety in ventriloquism using a doll named 'Taro-chan' gets more than he bargains for when the doll began to gain its own consciousness.  
  8. "Inside"(S02E03) - Three friends decides to take a look at something they shouldn't. The results of that: highly uncomfortable. 
  9. "Farewell Confessional"(S02E08) - A man go back to his family hometown to attend a funeral service. When he notice the absence of the priest and how mourners keep going one by one through the screen door, his aunt explain to him that the funeral that is held for the deceased is called 'Farewell Confessional', which means that the mourners tell the deceased something they couldn't when he/she is still alive so that their sins can be absolved. At lost of what to say after haven't meeting the deceased for a long time, the man told his secret. The real question is; will that be a smart move on his part?
  10. "Picking-up"(S02E11) - A college student pick up an abandoned novel manuscript in a train and intrigue by the story he read. Just before he return the manuscript, he noticed an amateur literature contest from price worth 3 000,000 million yen. He later enter the contest and won, but before receiving his prize; the question of the manuscript integrity is put to test. Will he admit the truth, or would he continuously lies for the sake of the prize?

Okay guys, so that's ten highly recommended episodes that I can give to you which all of it are my favorites. Be sure to check them out if you're interested in Japanese animation, alright?

Rating: 3.78/5.0 (some of them are pretty scary)

8.) Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou / Elegant Yokai (Ghost) Apartment Life (NEW)
picture credit: google image
Year Released: Summer 2017
Date Watched: July 2017-present

Reason Why I Watched This:

Desperately in need of new anime series and this come close to my own preference. Never even heard about this series before (I only read certain manga I like and doesn't keep up with the rest), but since I like yokai and intrigue with what sort of life that a human being can form with them; I was quite excited to watch this. 

Memorable character: Inaba Yuushi (so far, because I'm only watching the 3rd episode)

My Review:

Okay, so I'm only about three episodes deep for this anime series, but I already can tell - it's gonna be a fun watch. Youkai Apartment brings a story about Inaba Yuushi, an orphan sixteen year old orphan who just recently moved out from his relative's house. Inaba is pretty independent and postive about his future, but when a fire destroyed his new dormitory; he's had to find another place to live. After a long-search, Inaba is left with two options; moved back to his uncle's house, or live in a suspicious apartment that he can rent at low price. Eventually, he decides to choose the latter and it doesn't take long for him to realize that the apartment building he rented, wasn't just only ordinary building. It's is an apartment filled with Youkai's (spirits)!! Given, Inaba is scared to his bone, but he find himself warming up to the tenant and other residence who are occupying the place.

Mind you, this to anime is still airing in Japan as I'm writing this and so far I only watched four episodes, but I can tell already - this anime is going to be great. I had a feeling that it's going to go down as a feel-good anime (like Natsume Yuujinchou) and I'm anticipating the new release every week. I don't know if I can spoil anything more about this anime, but I'm pretty sure at least two of the main characters (Inaba), have some sort of secret powers. Okay, that's it. That's all I'm telling you. If you're interested, go and check this anime yourself. I don't think that you'll be disappointed.

Rating: 4.02/ 5.00 (looking forward for a new episodes from this anime.)

9.) Koi to Uso / Love and Lies (NEW)
picture credit: google image
Year Released: Summer 2017
Date Watched: July 2017-present

Reason Why I Watched This:

I was searching for good romantic-comedy anime and this is one of the best one I could find from this (Summer) season. 

Memorable character: -

My Review:

So, Love or Lies brings a story about a guy name Nisaka Yuusuke who falls in love with a girl name Misaki Takasaki. The only problem? He wasn't allowed too because she wasn't meant/assigned to be his fiance/wife. But why can't he when he's in love? Well, you see... in the place where this guy come from, a life partner for girl or guy who had turned 16 is assigned by the government. Why would they do this and let the youth runs free you ask? Well, for one thing, they needed to increase the nation birth rate and Yuusuke is no exception to this.

Sure, his birthday comes soon enough and now that he's sixteen; he's eligible for marriage. But Yuusuke already like somebody else and that's Misaki. I know, conflicted interest right? But our male protagonist doesn't care about that. Nope. He doesn't care for the slightest. Despite of feeling nervous and the severe penalties, he tells Misaki what he feels about her and unexpectedly - his feelings is also reciprocated by Misaki! Oh yeah... But here comes the one problem... Their government would never allows this to happen and sure enough, shortly after his birthday - they visited Yuusuke to reveal his future fiance. Ririna Sanada is the girl assigned to him and Yuusuke was conflicted...

Okay, so far that's the opening for this anime. Just like the anime above, this anime is also currenlt airing in Japan so there wasn't much going for me to tell. Personally, I think this anime have the potential to become my favorites although I still have around 8 more episodes before deciding.

Ratings: 3.87 /5.00 (I hope this one won't become a disappointment to me.)

10.) Kakegurui / Compulsive Gamblers (NEW)

picture credit: google image
Year Released: Summer 2017
Date Watched: July 2017-present

Reason Why I Watched This:

A fellow Youtuber made a video that introduces this series and I can't help but thinking it could an interesting watch. 

Memorable character:  Yumeko Jabami (the long-haired girl above).

My Review:

So, Kakegurui is an anime that sets in a highschool where gambling is not an illegal activity. You want to win a huge chunk of money? Gamble then. Want to increase you social status at school? Gamble some more. You want to snatched someone else position at school? Gamble is the way to go. Want someone to lick on your shoes or make them your PET? GAMBLE ON!!! In this school, there seems to be nothing that can't be solved without gambling involves.

As the school and students are dragged with unfairness of the rules and losing money left and right, the arrival of transfer student by the name of Jabami Yumeko is about to make the school interesting again. Unlike other students who's careful before selecting their opponents, Yumeko can be considered as pretty reckless. She wasn't too stressful about the possibility of losing money as long as she could gamble (that's compulsive, right there). Anyway, so what makes this anime as interesting watch is not because you want to see who's winning the bet, but to see the consequences of that. Luck plays a heavy interchangeable role in this anime and nobody is really considered as safe (even Yumeko, the leading lady). Take the first two episodes from example... She might've win in the 1st episode, but by 2nd - she already lost a lot more than she gained. And she's the main lead in this series!! That's just one of perfect crazy example when I say nobody is safe...

So far I had only watched 4 episodes because Kakegurui is still airing in Japan. Just like the other two anime's I had picked up for this season, I'm also satisfied with this one and looking forward the new  episode release so I could complete this series.

Rating: 3.98 / 5.00 (Jabami, why are you so sexy?)

Okay, I guess that's it guys... That's all the time I had in this anime crossed-off list for the half of 2017. I don't think I would make a part 4 of this (because lack of time), but we'll never know.... So, Thank you for reading this entry and I hope to see you soon. Jya-nee and have a nice day. ;)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

10 Perks of Being a Homebody

Hello there. Mimi's here.

Okay, so for this next post...  I think I'm just gonna shoot straight to the point. 

I like STAYING at HOME. 

There I said it. And I mean what can I say. I really do like staying in. Does that makes me a recluse? If it is, then I might have been a recluse for more half a year now. According to wikipedia, a recluse is a person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people. I still live with my parents and go out every now and then if I need to buy something so what does that makes me? Oh well, perhaps recluse is strong word... Perhaps the word 'homebody' is more suited in this situation. Yes, homebody. A person who likes to stay at home, and maybe, just maybe - slightly unadventurous. I think that is more appropriate for my case.

You see, I come from parents who had had a different ideas about family recreational time. While my mom enjoy going on a trip at any chance she got, my dad is the polar opposite. He wasn't a big on vacation, trips, and anything else that doesn't have the word 'education' behind it would completely fell into deaf ears. I guess that's one of the downside for having teacher as one of your parents (though I'm not sure, it could be just my dad). Anyway, I'm not trying to poke any soft nerve here so let me just point it out how his approach on recreational time had resulted me in becoming a homebody.

For starter, I don't think there's anything wrong of becoming a homebody. You stayed at home, do things you like, and it just simply gets better from there... I could've swear that whenever I gone out, my home is all I could think off. That how bad case of homebody I am... I never recognized myself as a homebody before, not until I reach my twenties anyway. I found myself to enjoy my free time alone, staying in at dormitory or at home feels like a close to safe haven to me, and everyday as movie night is a must than hanging out with friends. Seriously, there a lot of the things I got to do as a homebody, more than I could count I supposed. I guess there wasn't any easy way to explain to you how great it's to become a homebody so here's a 10 list that you can scroll down.

Please, enjoy...
1.) I Saved Up More Money By Staying In 

Picture courtesy of Google
Tell me, how much money does it usually cost you for going out? If you say below RM10.00, then I salute you my friend. I, for one, could never ever do that... Finding money is sure hard enough, but it's even worse if you're trying to save up.  Luckily, I found a way to save up more money just by staying in. I mean, even if you go out - you still gotta eat, pay for stuff, take a sh*t, and all the rest which if you combined - is almost the same by staying at home. I mean, it's okay to change scenery once in a while, but if I can have a better deal by staying in, I would rather to do just that, thank you.

2.) Everyday Is A Movie Night

Picture courtesy of Google
I'm not sure if there has been a day since I turned twenty years old that I have missed exclusively for movie night. Like ever! Being homebody allow this to happen and with the existence of technology, internet and all - it's just a matter of resources and time before you discover old/new movies that might be up around your corner. Anyway, luckily I'm always had a way to get my healthy dose of excellent movies and there wasn't anything  that I would want more than this. 

3.) I Develop An Affinity Passion for Mini DIY Projects

Picture courtesy of Google
From painting my home to cupboard restoration to flower arrangement - there hasn't been anything (except some plumbing and electricity) that I haven't try out. Being a homebody allows me to inspect every inch of my home and understand which part of the room being used that often and which one are not. The truth is, I love decorating and this is where my mini DIY projects takes flight. I like planing the space that I want to change and find extreme pleasure in go ahead and do it. Try bringing new life into a room are so refreshing and uplifting. Don't believe me? Try it out sometimes and you'll understand what I mean.  

4.) I Got to Collect More Hobbies 

Picture courtesy of Google
Hobbies... There's hundreds, probably thousands of them out there and I used my position as a homebody to expanded it every single year. Now, I don't want to bore you down with the details (I probably have around 10-12 hobbies by now), but having hobbies is what keeping being homebody as interesting. Here's a couple of hobbies that I found as enjoyable;
  • Watching Movies/TV-Series/Drama
  • Reading Book
  • Writing Novel
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Gardening
  • Interior Decorating
  • Song-writing
  • Vlogging
  • Blogging
  • Exercising/Dancing
  • Photography/Selfie
  • Bird-watching (because there's a lot of cute bird around my house)

5.) I Could Indulge in Reading Book and Drinking My Favorite Drink

Picture courtesy of Google
Last year I finished around 34 books even though I originally aimed to finish just 25 of them. It may be some extra 6 books or so, but I'm still happy about this accomplishment, nevertheless. So this year I'm aiming slightly higher, which is around 30 books. Though, it has been a very busy year for me, so I'm crossing my fingers on this one. 

6.) I Feel More In Control Over Situation (comfort zone, anyone?)

Picture courtesy of Google
Truth to be told, I like to be in charge. I mean, who doesn't? If I happen to have even an ounce of entrepreneurship inside of my body; I already had become my own boss by now. But I wasn't, so we have to settle with the next best thing. Taking control of the situation in my daily life. I hate it when being told what to do by people I don't know, and hate it even more if they somehow try to influence me to follow their lead. What can I say? I just like being in control and being a homebody allows me be in my zone for like - all the TIME. If you think I would be worried about my messed up bed, cluttered dishes and messy book piles - well the answer is, I don't. That's because have my own system to keep everything organized. My solution is; clean your sh*t before you leave. So that also means, make the bed, wash the dishes and clear the piles right after you finish.

7.) Remember That Forever Alone Syndrome? (I Don't Really Feel It Anymore)

Another perks that come with being a homebody is that I learn to get used being on my own. I know it might seem like sad thing to admit but trust me - I get so used being alone that the term 'Forever Alone' doesn't mean a thing to me anymore except just a simple terms used to degrade another human being who may or may not, enjoy being ALONE. I used to be so scared that I will eventually becoming mental over my situation but so far - I have feel nothing but joy. Interactions can get tiring sometimes and that's why I tried to learn to tolerate my own company just in case the crowds are no longer around.  

8.) I Got to Enjoy Little Things More 

Picture courtesy of Google
There's nothing I like best than waking up early in the morning in my own bed, then coming across to the sound of the birds chirping, while drinking my morning tea. Call that boring or lame, but I like it. Hell, I LOVE it. I can't think of any other way to wake up now. There's actually something beautiful in simplicity of life, if you know where to look. I used to want bigger things or bigger dreams; now I just want to enjoy little things even more.  
9.) I Got More Time for Plants and Pet
Picture courtesy of Google
When I was away during my university days, I found it hard to keep a living plants, let alone pets. Now, those two things are my best friends. I love walking around the garden near my house when I got the time to watch the flower and playing with my pet even though I'm tired. It's really a quality time that I never had before and I'm enjoying every second of it by being close to home.

10.) I Found Rainy Days Are The Best Day of Them All

Picture courtesy of Google
Ah, rain... One of my favorite weather of them all, especially if  I'm planning to stay in. Nothing, I feel, could beats the rain and a good cuppa tea. It's almost raining at my hometown now, so maybe I should grab the book and mug close to me and start that reading, huh? 

So, I think that's it for today post. I really enjoy writing down the list of things that I love and I do hope you would enjoy reading it too. Thank you for reading this post and I hope to see you soon (well, maybe not too soon). Goodbye now and have a nice day!

Mimi says: Need a cuppa now. What to do when I'm a tea-addict? XD

Friday, April 14, 2017

How I Celebrated My 25th Birthday (ALONE & With My Family)

Hello guys. How you all doing? Hope everything went great in your life. :)

Guess what? It has been my 25th Birthday yesterday!! Whaaat??....

So, 25 years old. Still single and alive. Yup, that's come into my head right in the morning of my 25th birthday. I don't know what it's about birthday, but always, and I mean it (always), I feel like I'm more single than ever (as Chandler Bing would've say; could you be any more singler???, lolz. Not funny? Ok). At times, I found that birthday is one of those annoying day where you're reminded of who you are and at which points of life you're currently in which in my case, it doesn't really strayed much because I'm still at the same point I had always been... Single and alive.

To be fair, with myself getting older - I can almost feel that my youth is slowly leaving me behind (not like I really care, but I would loove to keep my youthful appearance as long as I can) and the clock is ticking out for my exit. Heh, what a lame realization to have on your 25th birthday (I know), but I can't help it. Awareness, another annoying thing I had and sadly, couldn't live without, but that a story for another day.

Anyway, since yesterday was my birthday and I'm kinda celebrating it alone, how would you feel if I take you on a little journey throughout my day? Are you interested? FYI, I never done this in any of my blog post related to birthday before, so this is going to be a special one. If you think celebrating birthday on your own is quite pathetic and lonely, then maybe you're *half-way* right. But I wouldn't say that it doesn't have it's own perks as well. Don't believe me? Well, just continue scrolling through this post. 

So, are you guys ready? Here we go!

13 April 2017, Thursday (My Actual Birthday)
10.16 a.m - Just another morning with my mom. She's driving. XD
p/s: Did you notice the uncle on the motorcycle *sort of* photobombing us? 
11.01 a.m - Mom usually dropped me off around here before going to her dialysis treatment.
I decided to tag along because it's pretty depressing to celebrate a 25th birthday alone at home
(my bro already went back to his uni and my dad is at work) and I would continue to worry about my thesis.
Anyway, so glad that I decided to take a little break or else I would have missed
this *flying* umbrella at Malacca Sentral. Pretty neat don't you think?
12.49 p.m - Hanging out at Starbucks alone (sob...sob). But that's okay
(I plan to meet my homie (bro) around this week anyway), and hey, what a birthday would have been
without a cake, right? (I'm glad that Starbucks also have Red Velvet cake or else I would
have to go to somewhere else to have it.)
p/s: Oh, and excuse the e-book cover. That's just have been my light reading. Ehem...ehem...
12.49p.m - My 1st selfie as 25 years old. Not bad, huh?
It's all about that lighting, guys (and some filter, haha)... ;)
12.57p.m - My view outside of Starbucks this morning. It has been pretty quiet morning
though you can still see people passing by sometimes.
5.19 p.m - Home at Last. I keep on thinking  about planting at least two new plants
(preferably green) on my birthday this year and so HERE THEY ARE! I'm going to plant
the left one outside and put the right plant inside of the house. 
5.21 p.m - Conversation with My Dad, Mr. Chain Smoker. :))
It's always nice having a little chit-chat with my dad after he come back from work.
5.43 p.m - Having some light snack in form of cereal, low fat milk, and fruit.
To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of cereal, but somehow it always tasted 2x better when I'm hungry.
8.26 p.m - Dinner with my parents. So, for dinner we went to Marrybrown at
Freeport A'Famosa since it's the closest with our home. So sad that my bro wasn't here.
Dinner does get lonely when we're missing one of our family member. :(
Close view of what we ordered. Despite of the look, it's actually quite delicious.
10.25 p.m - Home Again AT LAST! - I didn't really ask my parents anything for my birthday this year.
Silently, I feel like being able to *still* see them every single day, talking, cracking jokes and sometimes
 being mad at each other, (overall just being around them) is a great gift enough for me.
I don't think that there's any presents could ever beat that! But, hey,  if your father ask you "do you want anything
*daughter* for your birthday?" - then who am I to decline, right? (͡o‿O͡)
And since my mom already brought me 3 pairs of jeans that I just love to death, I did ask my dad to
buy me these clothes from ESpirit to match (above picture). Good thing they have 20%  off if your purchased minimum 3 piece of clothing or else this is going to cost him a bit. $$$ saved. Thanks Mom and Dad for buying stuff for me.
You guys are AWESOME!!!

14 April 2017, Friday (The Next Day After My Birthday)
Just because your homie wasn't around you on the day of your 25th birthday, who says that you can't go out there to reach out to him? I, for one, see the importance of meeting people I care about and it didn't really matter to me if it's yesterday or today; as long as I can meet them. Better late than never, I always say... Knowing that my bro won't be home during my birthday, I had decided early on to set a time and have a belated birthday lunch/dinner with him around the area of his university and since The Mines among the closest one; we had chosen there to have a our meal and just hang out together as a fam. :). But, since it's also coincide with Friday prayer's, I took the 11.30a.m bus and we're able to get together around 2.40p.m. :)

3.25p.m - Yep, right there is my homie :)
My bro just got a new haircut. Handsome boy.
3.26p.m - Right here is me with my Peach Tea.
3.28p.m - And right here is our meal. Two sets of Sundubu Jjigae with Spicy Korean Chicken.
3.29p.m - Taking a moment for selfie before eating despite feeling starving!
5.08p.m - After lunch, my brother also treat me to the Secret Recipe cake.
This one is called New York CheesecakeDelish!! We even got free tea (Darjeeling) since we dined in 
(if you dined around 3-6 p.m in here then you can get the drink for free).
6.00-ish p.m - More selfie with my bro after tea. This is the last picture before we pretty much decide to
wrapped up the day. 
6.00-ish p.m - Here's another ONE. Haha. 
Aside from hanging out with my bro to celebrate my *belated* birthday, there's also something else that has been happening. But, for the sake of privacy and people involved, I had decided to keep the story to wrap up. Let it be a secret that only I and those who are there knows. XD Anyway, it had been a long-two-days report. Thank you for spending your time reading this entry. I hope you have a great time.

Mimi says: 25 years old now. Time to make serious adult decisions. Tough love, even more tough choices. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Act of Acceptance & Redemption - Part II

25 years she been on this earth
All heads had turned, yet she walks alone
25 more, she could cease to exist
Hoping for duet, yet solo she gets.

Came and gone, all of those years
In all the silence, she still able to hear
Think it once, but throw it twice
And all she got is just a wasted time

All little stardust and wishful thinking
Shut off the evil and let her dreaming
There'll be a time to let her decide
She loves you dearly, so be on her side

In every secrets that you had tried to hide
For each and one of them had been spread and apart
I wish you well and I wish you luck
Enjoy this last bit, before it get sucks

Born as a child, raised as a mother
Every small details could drive her madder
Said it's okay, but then do the other
How can anyone have loved you better?

She loved you then, and she still do now
Leaving you for better, don't ask her how
Kind-hearted angel, you'll always be in her heart
Always in her thought, even though you been living apart

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

5 Effective Ways to Stopped Yourself From Over-spending (Personal Experience)

Hello there. How you all doing? Mimi's here.

So, guys... before I went straight into the heart of this post, let me went off by saying 'Happy New Year' to everyone. I hope I wasn't too late in wishing you that because 'technically' - we're still in the middle of beginning of 2017. ;)

Now, I don't want to make a recap or anything similar of that for how 2016 had been treating me (I had my own personal vlog to remind me of that) and I'm sure that's not why you click this post at the first place, so let me just jump right into it. So, last year (during new years eve, actually), I made a rather big promise to myself  that I'm planning to keep. It's not like I haven't made one before, but this time; I'm pretty serious about it. To be honest with you, I had made so many resolutions throughout my life but I always turned frustrated in the end as my resolution become forgotten as soon as I made them. Anyway, so this year I had come down with just one. And that resolution my friend and that is to; less spending. Yes, my new year resolution is to kick out my bad, bad spending habit.

I know. In this era where everything can be bought (let it be retail or online) and new shiny item is coming out every other week, I dare to say - spending habits had become a new first world problem. Call it 'habits', 'disease', it doesn't matter because in the end; it will keep consuming us if we let them. There's a reason why it's call 'consumerism', peeps... Anyway, you probably don't understand what I'm talking about, but for those who had been on this road before (etc: staggering about buying stuff that you probably shouldn't be buying or condone themselves on daily buying), than this post might be just the one for you. Now, if you are serial buyer and wanted to kick out this bad bad habits, than I'm offering you these 5 ways that I considered to be effective. I hope it can helps you a little :).

1.) Make A List

Picture courtesy of Google
So, who's here who haven't done this before? Well, if you haven't, then you're clearly missing out. Making a list is one of the most easiest thing to do, not to mention; could be beneficial for you. I know that not everyone are strong enough to hold themselves back from buying more than they need, so this is where making a list can be helpful to you. Not only I found it easy for me to add things or eliminate them, but also for me to estimate my weekly budget. Of course, making a list doesn't guaranteed that I will automatically will follow them all; after all I'm still a human, but at least I get to refer to something (in case there's nobody around me that could talk me out from it) before confirming my purchase. When in doubt, it's nice feel it nice to have a second opinion (even though I AM the ONE who are writing it). 

2.) Start on a Budget

Picture courtesy of Google
The second way I had done in many many years is how to stick to my own budget. I know, with the unfix rate of items which can be either too cheap or too expensive, keeping to your own budget might be far fetch but it still can help. Don't give up just yet because I been there before. So, what you going to need is, yep you guess it - yet another notepad and estimation of budget. Let put your grocery expenses for a month is about RM400/89.97USD per month. Now, divided that by four weeks and you got about RM100/22.49USD per week. I'm not sure from which country you're, but in mine (Malaysia) - RM 100 per week is enough to get by for a family consist at least four family members. So, start with the essentials, eggs, sugar, veggies.... etc and then start counting the price for each items. If your budget starts to go overboard, then cut it down, but don't throw it away just yet as it can be put under next week list. Also, if the item is too expensive for the quantity - it's probably best if you just walk away from it from that week as next week you probably could get for a lot cheaper price (I'm talking about mall price). There's still plenty cheap, but healthy food you can buy from the aisle. You just gotta look for it and most importantly, be creative.

3.) Consider Bulk Purchases

Picture courtesy of Google
If you are under the impression that bulk purchases are far more expensive and wasteful than buying a single item, than there's a chance that you might be right... or deadly wrong. For years, my mom had been buying things in bulk and I can't help but following suit. However, based from my personal experience, there's has been be two consistent outcomes from that - either it's a good investment or she brought it too much and then forget about it. I tend to do the latter sometimes, but this year - I am all about enjoying the stuff I had purchased. So, I guess what I'm saying is that buying in bulk are more money saver (as long as I don't forget about it) :).

4.) Take Advantage on Festive Offer/Discount 

Picture courtesy of Google
No matter where you are or what country you're from - festive offers are unavoidable. Either it's Christmas, New Year or this upcoming Chinese New Year - there always will be some smart ways for those marketing people to get you buying things more than you need. If you're sucked into their sickening game, then that's okay - I understand the pain. But as sales and festive offers are unavoidable, you probably should start thinking about taking advantage off it. Buy stuff that you really need but would cost more and start saving it up so you could use it for the rest of the year. I promise you, taking advantage during this time; you won't regret it. But, before you start stocking up, don't forget of this one tiny detail - those expiry dates. There warehouse peeps usually wanted to get rid of the stock as quickly as possible before it went bad and this is where they can get you. I swear, I almost purchases 24 cans of Ribena sparkling soda for RM10.00 before realizing that I only had one month and a half to finish all of them off before it expired. Now I know, some people might not really care about this kind of stuff, but I do and there's no way I'm gonna take the risk of my health just to save up a couple of ringgits. No way! So, remember guys, buy in bulk if you can, but also buy smart.

5.) Let it Go: Watch Other People Get That Stuff Instead of YOU

Picture courtesy of Google
So, this shall be my last but not least, advice on trying to stop yourself from overspending. Let. It. Go. Just because you missed one opportunity to buy things on bulk or discount, doesn't mean that the world is over. Don't worry hon, there will be a similar deals in the future. I couldn't tell you how many times that I had gone through this scenario; I brought something that I like and think as the best offer, then figure out that there's even better deal the next day. I keep on thinking how stupid I was for not being patient and cursing myself, But those days are over now, I refuse to agonize over it anymore. These days I had become a little brave to admit that some days, it just aren't my day. How to know when to let go? Well, here's how... The moment if the items is not on your list or you start hesitating to buy them - that's when. How to deal with it afterwards? Easy as pie... Watch other people get that thing instead and be glad that THEY ARE THE ONE WHO GETS IT. Think yourself lucky and know why? It's THEIR MONEY that came out from their pocket, NOT YOURS. Sometimes, a hyped stuff doesn't always turned out good so be grateful that you are not apart of that madness. 

Okay guys, I guess that's it guys for today's post. I hope you learn one thing on two from my personal experience buying. Seriously, I know it's hard to contain yourself once you start to spending (even I'm still  fighting my impulses of buying every single day). But, as a human who had enough to be suck into consumerism oblivion - I gotta try anyway.  So, with that in mind - thank you for reading this entry and I see you on the next post. Bye bye!

Mimi Says: The One With  A Plan and... Budget.

Friday, December 16, 2016

5 Must Try Products from The Body Shop Store (2016)

Hello there! How everyone doing? Hope everything went well in your life. As for me, I'm feeling pretty good and as always, thanks for clicking on this post.

So, as you can read from above title - today I'm gonna talk a little bitty about one of my current favorite shop; The Body Shop (TBS). I am quite into bath products lately and I think some of the product from TBS are real good. I'm going to share a couple of them in here today and I will try my best to make it as simple and informational as possible. If you never been to this store or check out the online one yet, you will quickly realize that there's a plenty of choices offered by TBS and for first timers ( trust me, I been here before), making the right decisions can be a little bit overwhelming. Therefore, to ensure that your first experience buying from this store are the happy ones and worth it, I'm listing off a couple of my favorite product from this store. Now, I know that I'm just a stranger and there's no good reason for you to be listening to my suggestion, but you click/found this post... My guess is that you must be at least interest to know about the must try products from TBS. Anyway, putting that thought on a high note - I certainly hope that my list could be inspiring to you and surely, I'll be happy if it helps you out to make the decision. ;)

Alright, as promised - so here's are a couple of my favorites ones that you should definitely try out if you are new to this shop. I fall in love with the products, right after I first testing/applying it out. I'm sure, other TBS products work very well too, but these are my all-time-favorites. Trust me, they are the best! You definitely won't regret it!

1.) The Body Butters

Shea, Strawberry, Coconut, Raspberry, and Olive, and are just a couple of my all-time favorites.

If this is your first time trying out body butters from TBS, there's no way you could do wrong, especially with the first two. I really love the natural and nutty smell from shea body butter every time I applied it on my skin, and deeply smitten towards the fresh strawberry scent emitted every time I applied the strawberry one. Both are real good. However, having just two body butters can be a little bit boring so I like to mixed it up a little. My three other favorites had to be the coconut (they ran out this quite often so make sure you grab it the moment they had this in the store), raspberry (also quite hard to find, considering that it's a season kind of thing), and once in a blue moon; olives (because what could ever go wrong by putting olive on your skin?).

Anyway, what I like about these body butters how moisturizing it feels every time I applied it on my skin and how long the smell last (some even lasted 48 hours). I also like that they had two sizes for every scent (50ml and 200ml) and how it fits for any occasions when I need them (50 ml for travelling, 200 ml for daily use). However, I often buy it in the small size (50ml) and try to make it last for about a month, maybe more. The reason for me sizing up on the travel size is to ensure that by the end of the month, all my body butters are gone so that no germs can starts building up inside my body butters (not like I'm a germ freak or anything, but...) and I'm free to try out other scent again. ;)

2.) The Shower Cream

Again, just like the body butter, I also have an unexplained fondness for certain scent for my shower cream. However, since I usually prefer to use soap bars instead of shower cream - I didn't have a wide range of favorite, but the scent coming from these three shower creams; Strawberry, Shea and Mango are absolutely gorgeous! Refreshing (strawberry), natural (shea) and ever-so-yummy (mango), these three are definitely worth trying out because I had used them before and I like it.

3.) The Facial Cleanser

Well, when it comes to facial cleanser, there's no easy answer to my problems. For starter, I had an oily type of skin which only gets worse as the day continues. Now that is not really appealing so, naturally - I had to get rid of them somehow, right? Thank God that I finally found these two products; Seeweed Deep Cleasing and Tea Tree Facial Wash. I used the Seeweed facial during the day to help me control those nasty oils on my face and I finished it off by putting on the Tea Tree to get rid of the scar and unwanted blemishes for the night. So far it's working so good. I'm so happy that I finally find these two little savior! 

4.) Soap Bar

So, as I already mentioned above - I absolutely loveee all of my soap bars. I prefer them more than the shower cream, obviously for many personal reasons. I like using soap bars so much, that I can't wait for each and one of them to finish off so I could use the new one. So what are my all-time favorites from The Body Shop? Well that definitely had to be Wild Argan Oil, Shea, Strawberry, Olive and Mango, my friend.

5.) Hands and Foot Cream/Spray

There's no way I'm leaving this list entry without telling you what my favorite hands and foot cream/spray are. No way! So, here comes the solution for one of the most hard-working parts of your body (hands) and one of the most neglected parts of the body (feet)... I mean, guys - you should know that hands and foot needs love too and this is where my list is gonna come handy. Anyway, so what kind of hands and foot cream you should be hunting if you're planning on buying from The Body Shop? Well, I got a couple of suggestion for you guys so please - brace yourself... I highly recommended Almond Hand and Nail Cream, Strawberry Hand Cream, Argan Oil Hand Cream, Honey and Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter, and last but not least, Peppermint Foot Spray for the first spin. I know that's pretty a lot but trust me, you don't have to get all of them - just one for each (hands or foot) are enough. After a week or two, you will definitely start seeing the difference. You will immediately realize how moisturizing and healthy your hands/foot had become from using one or all of these products.

So, I guess that's it guys.... My 5 must try products from The Body Shop. Now, of course, I'm not encouraging you to buy everything I had listed in here, nor I'm being an advocate/getting paid from TBS. I'm just stating you my preference with a high hope that in some small way, it could be beneficial for a person out there who had never buy any products from this shop before or didn't have a clue on what they should get on their first buyout. Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this list, please leave a comment if you feel like doing so and most of all, thanks you for reading this entry! See you soon.

Mimi Says: Taking bath/shower will never feel the same again after experiencing The Body Shop.